• What's New in V7.0
    DotImage 7.0 has added support for the additional new features listed below.

    New Add-Ons

    • PDF Reader is now available with and without Text Extraction

    New Features

    • AJAX-based vector annotations. You can now author Freehand, Polygon, and Lines annotations in our AJAX Web Annotation control.
    • Better authoring of AJAX annotations. A vector rendering is shown during authoring of annotations in the AJAX Web Annotation control. Line annotations have a greatly improved authoring experience.
    • DotImage installs web project templates for creating AJAX document viewers quickly.
    • Added mouse event support to WebThumbnailViewer.
    • Improved PDF zooming on the web. We can now get higher DPI renderings on-the-fly when zooming into a PDF.
    • Support for 48 bpp RGB images on the web. We now support 48 bpp images in all of our web controls automatically.
    • Improved key event handling and focus methods in the web controls.
    • WPF Native Annotation control. Can be used in XAML and is not in the WinControls layer (other elements can be on top of it).
    • WPF Annotation control uses same data formats as other DotImage annotation controls. Saved annotations can be shared between the WinForms, WebForms and WPF versions of our annotation control.
    • Improved performance of DICOM decoding.
    • Support for all DICOM pixel formats in the web controls.
    • Support for DICOM window and leveling
    • Support for reading DICOM sample values before any transformations have been applied. If you need access to the raw values from the imaging device, you can now access them.
    • Improvements in support for DICOM with signed samples
    • PdfEncoder can be set to create PDF/A-1b documents.
    • PdfTranslator (OCR Searchable PDF creator) can be set to create PDF/A-1b documents
    • PdfEncoder can create a PDF that automatically prints when you open it. This is a great way to print from a website – generate a PDF on the fly and set to self printing. The browser will print in automatically after it’s been downloaded.
    • Added support for alternate characters in GlyphReader OCR. For each character read, you can see what the other possible characters are.

    What’s New in V6.0
    DotImage 6.0 has added support for the additional new features listed below.

    New Add-Ons

    • DotImage ISIS Add-On - Supports ISIS Scanning
    • DotImage CAD/CAM Reader - View AutoCad DWG and DXF Drawings
    • DotImage OCR Tesseract Engine - Royalty-Free OCR

    New Features

    • Supportfor x64 architectures (OCR, ISIS, CAD/CAM, and TWAIN currently lack 64-bit support)
    • Added support for Visual Studio 2008
    • Greatly improved ease of use for viewing multi-page documents and annotations on the web with the AJAX-Enabled controls.
    • CAD/CAM Support for AutoCad's DWG and DXF Formats

    What's New in DotImage V5.0?

    New DotImage Modules

    • ASP.NET Web Annotations using AJAX Technology

    Improvements to the core DotImage library

    • A new TIFF Codec developed from the ground up for improved support and performance
      • Tested on the extensive image database of thousands of customer images
      • Benchmarked to be generally faster than the old codec based on LibTIFF
      • Images with TIFF Tags occupying many megabytes of memory no longer affects decoding performance
      • Supports more flavors of TIFF and improved OJPEG decoding
      • Now supports writing OJPEG Compression 6 to support legacy TIFF readers
    • Optimizations for multi-core processors. Added an interface for multi-threaded image processing commands which will parallelize image processing and improve performance on multi-core machines
    • AdaptiveThresholdCommand performance improvement for multi-core processors
    • SimpleThresholdCommand performance improvement for multi-core processors
    • Improved Memory Management API via a PixelAccessor class. This class raises events when certain memory thresholds are met or exceeded and can track all AtalaImage memory in use
    • New event in PDF encoding allowing the selection of compression parameters such as JPEG quality for each encoded page
    • Added chroma subsampling support to the JPEG encoder

    Improvements to Annotations

    • The Annotation features are now only included with DotImage Document Imaging 5.0, and no longer offered to purchase standalone. However Annotations can still be deployed without DotImage dependencies.
    • Refactored into a Model - View - Controller pattern for increased extensibility and the ability to use other rendering mechanisms
    • Supports full matrix based transformations
    • Added Ability to flip Annotations
    • Added ability to interactively rotate inpidual annotations
    • Added support for Undo and Redo
    • Added a new Callout Annotation
    • Added support for custom line endcaps for line, lines, freehand, and callout (arrow, rectangle, ellipse, etc.)
    • Improvements to Rubberstamp Annotation
    • Custom-designed icons for each annotation type are available as resources in multiple sizes (32x32, 24x24, 16x16).
    • Since this was a redesign, there are interface changes from previous versions.
    • Added the ability to change the behavior and visibility of inpidual grips
    • Added clipboard support through Cut, Copy and Paste methods
    • Added the ability to create annotations on a single click or double click with optional annotation centering
    • Improved the annotation security features
    • Added nested layer support
    • Improved Text Annotation with a fully transparent editor and auto sizing to the text content.
    • Now different actions can be set to different mouse buttons

    Improvements to ASP.NET WebControls

    • Controls can now be placed in an ASP.NET 2.0 MultiView control
    • Controls can now be placed in an ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) UpdatePanel control
    • Added support for Atalasoft Web Controls to be included within a parent control that is invisible
    • Added getDisplayImageUrl javascript method to provide a URL to the current viewable image in the control
    • WebThumbnailControl now supports the ability to select multiple thumbnails at once by holding down the control key while selecting
    • Added caption support to inpidual thumbnails in the WebThumbnail Control supporting custom captions with page number and filename

    New AJAX enabled Web Annotations Module

    • Extends the AJAX enabled WebImageViewer to add annotations support to the existing image viewing, panning, zooming, and editing control
    • Requires no applets or plug-ins
    • Supports IE6, IE7, FireFox, and Safari
    • Renders annotations stored within an image file or an external file
    • Uses same mechanism and data layer as the Windows Forms Annotations module
    • Move, resize, and create annotations within the browser
    • Annotations are updated from the server once placed, or resized fully enabling the rendering of all built-in annotations as well as any custom annotations
    • Supports Layering and changing rendering order (z-order)
    • Programmatic access to annotations via server-side code
    • A full Javascript API to programmatically access all annotation properties and methods without server postbacks
    • Edit text Annotations interactively in the browser

    Improvements to DotTwain Scanning Module

    • CreateDeviceSession method was added to the Acquisition object to allow a temporary Device object to be created, used and disposed. This is required for some network scanning situations that may change the device identity between sessions

    All features in DotImage Photo Pro and the thin-client image viewer plus:

    • Multipage TIFF encode and decode support
    • Multipage PDF Encoding Support (embedded images only)
    • TWAIN Scanning support with the included DotTwain product
    • Advanced Annotations support with the included DotAnnotate product
    • TIFF Directory manipulation controls for inserting, removing, and reordering TIFF pages in a multi-page TIFF without re-encoding the entire image
    • Advanced TIFF Tag editing support to edit standard and abitrary TIFF Tags
    • Optimized Scale to Gray display
    • Document Cleanup Functions including:
      • Auto-Deskew binary images
      • Despeckle binary images
      • Remove noise from binary images
      • Auto border detection and removal
    • Adaptive and Global Thresholding to convert grayscale or color images to binary
    • Binary Mophological Filters (Erode, Dilate, Boundary Extraction, Thinning)
    • Render FAX images with different X and Y resolutions properly (both WinForm and WebForm controls)

    Usage Scenarios:
    DotImage Document Imaging can be used in a wide variety of imaging applications and industries. Some sample scenarios include:

    • Medical Records Application
    • Insurance Document Management Solution
    • Mailroom document application
    • Check management in financial/banking industries
    • Online Mechanical Drawing Viewer

    Free Support
    Customer Self Service: Community Forum monitored by staff and Access to Knowledgebase.
    Email/Web Support: Email/Web based support (1 - 2 day response time).
    Upgrades: Access to hot fixes (i.e. 1.0 to 1.0a).

    Server Maintenance Support - includes free upgrades for 1 year.

    Gold Support
    Customer Self Service: Community Forum monitored by staff and Access to Knowledgebase.
    Email/Web Support: Priority Email/Web based support (typical < 2 hr response during business hours, and limited after hour response).
    Phone Support: Unlimited Phone Support.
    Upgrades: Access to hot fixes (i.e. 1.0 to 1.0a), Free Minor Upgrades (i.e. 1.0 to 1.1), Free Major Upgrades (i.e. 1.0 to 2.0) and Priority HotFix turnaround time for reported bugs.