• Elecard Converter Studio Pro是为专业转换的媒体数据,并支持AVCHD和HDV格式的高速高画质而设计的一个应用程序。

    Professionals will definitely appreciate the full control over encoder settings as well as the ability to choose optimal encoding parameters from the profile list. Content creators, broadcasters, digital signage and postproduction companies that work with large amounts of media content will find this product more than just useful for processing the data and getting the best quality possible.


    • Flash Video encoding: Full support of this popular format allows Elecard Converter Studio users to upload their video clips to various video portals on the Internet.
    • Watch folder mode: the program automatically scans the chosen folder for new media files and if any are found, they are added to the task list with the predefined encoding settings.
    • Works as a Windows® service: you can run the watch folder mode as a Windows® service
    • MPEG-2 Encoding: enables you to create DVD, HDV, HD-DVD and Blu-ray-compatible files that can be later written to a disc or other data carrier.
    • AVC/H.264 Encoding: using the cutting-edge encoding format you can prepare media content for different purposes, from network broadcasting to HD encoding for HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs.
    • Two-pass MPEG-2 and H.264 encoding: significantly improves the quality and makes encoding with the set filesize possible.
    • Fast first pass for H.264 encoding: makes the encoding process in the two-pass mode even faster, reducing overall encoding time by 30 percent
    • Indexing of MPEG files: after you have encoded MPEG files, you can create an index file which is necessary for network broadcasting.
    • MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC (HE AAC + PS) and WAV PCM audio encoding: a wide variety of audio formats lets you choose a necessary format for each task.
    • Extended access to the settings of different components: professionals that need full control over the settings will definitely like this feature.
    • Full-featured multi-channel stream support: the program allows you not only to open a multi-channel stream and choose the needed channel, but also to create multi-channel streams, applying inpidual settings for each channel. MPEG multiplexer is also optimized for creating multi-program files.
    • Direct copying of video and audio streams: enables you to copy an original stream from an input file to an output file without conversion, thus making the encoding process faster without any quality loss
    • Multiplexing into AVI, MP4 and MPEG-2 PS/TS with Elementary Stream saving: a wide variety of file formats and the option of Elementary Stream saving makes all future work with the files a lot easier
    • Set of default profiles for optimal encoding: using our default profiles, you can create media files compatible with different devices.
    • Creating, editing and saving profiles: if you are not satisfied with the default profiles, you can create a new one, save it and use in your future tasks.
    • AVS (Avisynth Script): Avisynth allows you to perform the non-linear video editing, cropping, deinterlacing, trimming, color correcting and many other things.
    • Full-featured DVD Support: you won’t need to use separate applications while working with DVDs anymore, just run Elecard Converter Studio and let it do the job.

    Elecard Converter Studio is a line of products for media files in other formats conversion with the following opportunities: file content conversion in an automatic mode, starting of the given mode in a form of Windows ® service, stations and IPTV servers management and monitoring. Elecard Converter Studio is the irreplaceable tool during media material preparation. Optimal coding parameters can be chosen from the list of the ready made profiles. Each profile allows to get files compatible to various playback devices, such as DVD, SVCD, HDV, Blu-Ray, Sony PlayStation ® Portable (Sony PSP ®), Apple iPod ® etc. The opportunity of one's own profile making and its saving for further use is provided. The full coding parameters control helps to solve tasks on a professional level. Availability of additional opportunities expands a range of the edition use.