• ApexSQL Enforce is a revolutionary new solution for Industry Best Practices adherence and Custom Standards enforcement for SQL Server Databases. ApexSQL Enforce empowers users to create complex custom rules by leveraging the power of full programming languages like C# and VB.NET.

    With ApexSQL Enforce, you can--

    • Identify design problems early in the design process
    • Ensure adherence to design standards in “real time”; reviews can be ad hoc,scheduled, and/or unattended
    • Educate developers to “Industry Best Practices” and Company Standards.
    • Facilitate upgrades to new versions of SQL Server by identifying potential conversion problems before the database is ported.
    • Enhance your database’s reliability, portability, and maintainability
    • Allows instant, objective, unbiased and repeatable design reviews and audits
    • Automatically reverse or fix detected violations using generated “FixSQL” scripts
    • Enforce Naming conventions and ensure that SQL reserved words and special characters are not used

    ApexSQL Enforce Key Features:

    • Fully customizable, programmable .NET rules that can be written with a powerful, built-in Rule Editor that features parsing, syntax highlighting, inline error-checking, and Intelliprompt
    • A complete Metadata Object Model that extends SMO with many additional properties, attributes, and helper functions streamlined for creating rules
      Customizable Severities, Categories, Impact Scores, and Success/Failure thresholds
    • FixSQL script allows users to correct violations as they are detected. The Export FixSQL feature can be run as a single script to correct the database all at once
      Powerful HTML report details all violations, impact scores by severity, category, and database level verdicts
    • Rulebases can be run against multiple databases at the same time
    • Rules can be imported and exported from/to other rulebases using a sophisticated Import/Export Wizard
    • Command Line Interface allows users to review databases via scheduled, overnight jobs outputting results into HTML reports, XML exports, and/or FixSQL scripts