Liquid XML Studio 2009 Service Pack 1 is a substantial product update with major new functionality along with enhancements and fixes to current functionality.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 Graphical XML Editor
    Extends the existing XML document editor by providing a tree and tabular grid data entry for XML documents within a split view alongside the existing text based XML editor.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 Source Control Integration
    Allows project files to be bound to source control, providing common tasks such as Check-out, Check-in and Get latest version all from context menus in the project tree. Supports Microsoft SCC API supported source control systems and ToroiseSVN command line integration.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 Additional XML Data Binding Runtimes
    Provides XML Data Binding Runtimes for .Net 2.0 & 3.5 Compact Framework.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 Liquid XML Diff Tool
    Liquid XML Diff allows you to easily compare two XML files. The provides a graphical view of the differences between the files and includes advanced filtering options.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 Project Files
    Related files can now be added to a Liquid XML Studio Project, allowing easy access and grouping of all the files you are working with. The project is displayed as a tree in the Project Window.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 XSLT Support
    XML Style Sheet Transforms (XSLT) are now supported and can be run within the editor to generate the XSLT output file from a specified source data.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 Supported File Types
    The editor has been extended to support additional file types. The full list of supported file types is:

    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • DTD Schema (DTD)
    • Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)
    • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
    • Text Files (TXT)
    • W3C XML Schema (XSD)
    • Web Service Definition Language (WSDL)
    • XML Document (XML)
    • XML Metadata Interchange (XMI)
    • XML-Data Reduced (XDR)
    • XQuery (XQUERY)
    • XSL Transform (XSLT)

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 Enhanced Printing and Print Preview Support
    Printing and previewing XML Schema diagrams has been completely re-written to allow scaling of the diagram to a percentage height/width or to a fixed number of pages high and wide. This significantly improves the ability to view large schema in a printed form.

    Improved Large File Support
    Large files can now be edited within the XML text editor.

    Fast Infoset Import/Export Support
    Fast Infoset (FI) is a standard XML compression technology allow XML files to be compressed to a binary form. This technology provides great performance improvements as the FI files can be read and written very quickly by FI enabled parsers (such as the Liquid Fast Inforset Library). You can now import and export

    Liquid XML Studio Developer Edition Pro contains all the features of the Designer Edition plus an XML Data Binding Code Generator that generates code from your XML Schema for C++, C#, Java, Silverlight 2, VB.Net and Visual Basic 6 as well as producing documentation and sample code and also the source code for the C++ Runtime, allowing it to be compiled on most systems.

    Liquid XML Data Binder generates class libraries specifically for use with your XML Data allowing XML documents to be manipulated programmatically, in a simple, intuitive way. Meaning you deal with named, strongly typed properties and classes instead of generic XML Nodes. This reduces the amount of coding needed, increasing productivity and reliability. Liquid XML Data Binder includes support for all major development languages, hardware environments and schema standards. Using Liquid XML within your software development project will simplify your interaction with XML documents as it bridges the gap between your development language (C++, C#, Java, VB6, VB.NET) and XML.

    Liquid XML Studio Developer Edition Pro includes:

    Graphical XML Schema Editor
    Liquid XML Studio Designer Edition includes graphical xml schema designer, which massively simplifies authoring and navigating complex XSD's. The graphical XSD editor provides a logical view over your XSD schema, presenting a model that is simple to understand, without losing the ability to control the complexities of the W3C's XML Schema standard

    Graphical XML Editor
    Liquid XML Studio Designer Edition includes a Graphical XML Editor, simplifying the job of authoring and validating XML documents.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 & 2008
    Liquid XML Studio Designer Edition adds a Graphical XSD Editor, Web Service Call Composer and XPath Expression Builder to the Visual Studio environment

    Web Service Call Composer: Liquid XML studio integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 allowing users to develop XML and XSD applications within the familiar Microsoft Visual Studio environment. This tool allows users to browse web service, select a web method, call the method and view the results. Once a web method is selected, the tool automatically creates the SOAP envelope and generates a request message based on the description within the web service description (WSDL). You can then change this request, setting in your own values. The web request can then be saved, so it can be re-used later. This is very useful in a testing and development environment.
    XPath Expression Builder: The XPath expression builder allows you to construct and view the results of your query as you type.
    The XPath query builder attaches itself to the active XML Editor, so any XML panel in the environment can be queried. The XPath query editor comes with Intellisense, which is intelligently taken from the content of the current XML document. The results of the XPath expression can then be seen in the active XML editor. Namespaces used within the current XML Editor are automatically aliased for use in the XPath expression, but these can be changed added to or removed.

    XML Differencing Tool
    XmlDiff is Liquid Technologies XML differencing tool, enabling users to quickly compare 2 XML files.
    A host of XML aware options allow you to filter out the changes that are not of interest (i.e. whitespace, comments, processor directives etc).

    Liquid XML Studio Developer Edition includes all features included in the Designer Edition, and adds XML Data Binding (XML Code Generator) for:

    • Cross platform C++
    • C# 2003, 2005, 2008
    • Java
    • Silverlight 2.0 (C# 2008 & VB .Net 2008)
    • VB.Net 2003, 2005, 2008
    • Visual Basic 6.0

    Liquid XML Studio Developer Edition also includes

    • Royalty Free distribution of your compiled code and the Liquid Runtime to your end users
    • Fast Infoset Support in C++, C# and VB .Net and HTML Documentation Generation for the Generated Code Library

    Liquid XML Studio Developer Pro Edition includes all features included in the Developer edition and also the source code for the C++ Runtime, allowing it to be compiled on most systems