• As a Class Browser it shows classes (inheritance) and members (fields, methods, properties) in two filtered views, similar to the windows explorer. On the left the Explorer docked in the IDE editor. The Classes view (top) displays classes and inheritance relations for the current module. The Members view (bottom) show the filtered members for the selected class.



    特征综述 About Feature


    • Browser and Refactorings are fully Form Designer aware.
    • IntelliReplace ™ (optionally) propagates renamed identifiers within module, class etc. Optionally replaces in comments, strings etc.
    • Comments and Attributes are copied/moved/rearranged with code entities.
    • Property accessors and state fields are created, maintained and deleted where necessary.
    • Refactorings work directly on the IDE edit buffers, changes can be undone with the standard IDE Undo/Redo commands.
    • New members are (optionally) inserted sorted according to a user definable sorting scheme. Additionally, Methods can be inserted before or after current method.
    • IDE editor refactorings available through the MMX menu or keyboard shortcuts apply a refactoring to the entity at cursor position.
    • A well chosen set of options let you customize ModelMaker Code Explorer to your preferences.