• SecureBridge is a library of nonvisual components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, and C++Builder designed to protect connections between computers and trusted networks against unauthorized access.



    特征综述 About Feature



    • Compatible with Delphi 5, C++Builder 5, and higher IDE versions
    • VCL and VCL.NET versions of the library available
    • Support for Indy, an open source socket library for Internet communications
    • Support for Data Access Components for MySQL ( MyDAC)
    Common features
    • Ability to work with system and external certificate storages through CryptoAPI
    • Protection from different kinds of crypto attacks
    • High performance
    • High quality random number generator
    • Working in synchronous and asynchronous mode
    • Support for TStream and ISequentialStream interfaces
    • Access to extended information about the connection and the channel
    Algorithms support
    • Support for Blowfish, AES128, Cast128, and TripleDES symmetric algorithms
    • Support for RSA and DSA asymmetric algorithms
    • Support for SHA1 and MD5 hashing algorithms
    • Reliable and convenient storage, transfer, and verification of asymmetric keys
    • Full support for the SSH2 protocol
    • SSH client with extended setting abilities
    • Fast and customizable SSH server
    • Support for most SSH2-compatible clients and servers including OpenSSH
    • Compatible with any applications that work through TCP with protocols like SMTP, POP, IMAP, etc.
    • Facility for storing users, passwords, and public keys for an SSH server
    • Authentication by password or by public key
    • Transferring data from several logical connections through a single SSH tunnel
    • Remote commands execution with SSH server
    • Full support for SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 protocols with no external units
    • SSL client with extended setting abilities
    • Support for working with X.509 certificates