• Rogue Wave® Hydra Suite 是一套独特的产品,用于应付这些挑战。通过对已有程序强大的协作计算能力,它使得你的应用程序能运行地更快,并且可以节约更多的金钱。. Rogue Wave® Hydra Suite 同样也能解决常见的可量测性问题,比如大的 XML 文档的趋势。



    特征综述 About Feature


    Organizations building high-performance business applications are faced with significant challenges in today's environment:

    • Achieve significant performance and scalability increases, while maintaining high availability and providing application failover
    • Address the "Multi-core Dilemma" – many enterprise applications will not scale effectively on multi-core hardware without re-writing for multi-threading
    • Developing new applications in multi-language environments that require close integration of Java and C++ applications

    The Rogue Wave® Hydra Suite is a unique set of products designed to address these challenges. Bringing the power of concurrent computing to existing applications, it enables your applications to run faster for significantly less money than you are spending today. Rogue Wave Hydra Suite also addresses common scalability problems, such as the trend for increasingly large XML documents.
    Only the Rogue Wave Hydra Suite, based on Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) specifications, enable developers to take existing application components and enable them to run concurrently - without requiring significant rewriting. The Rogue Wave Hydra Suite ensures that existing infrastructure, such as databases, can be extended to used in SOA-based applications.