• Xceed Backup Library is an ActiveX control that can backup to local/remote drive(s), and removable media such as floppy, CD-R, "Zip" drives, "SuperDisks", "SyQuest", and more. A built-in, intelligent job scheduler lets you setup scheduled jobs for even the most complex backup schemes. The library manages the backup files, which can span multiple media, are compressed, labeled, and can be deleted by the retention management system when they get too old.



    特征综述 About Feature


    Easy Backup and Restore for your apps
    The Xceed Backup Library is an ActiveX control that allows Windows applications to automatically perform their own backup and restore operations. Xceed Backup can be added to existing projects with practically no coding, providing instant protection against lost or corrupted data files, end-user mistakes and hard drive crashes.

    How it works
    This library speaks and thinks in backup terms. By setting the backup library's ActiveX control properties, you tell it which files need to be backed up, where to back them up, and when you want the files backed up. The library does the rest.

    Multi-threaded - works in background
    Xceed Backup is a multi-threaded, fully self-contained ActiveX control. It has a built-in scheduler, supports asynchronous (background) operation, and it can backup your application's data transparently without any end-user intervention or screen noise.

    General features

    • Back up files to floppy disks, SuperDisks, hard drives, network drives, ZIPT drives, JAZT, SyquestT, SparQT, writable CD, and most other removable media.
    • Full, incremental, differential and copy backup types
    • Back up and restore registry keys, Unicode filenames, NT file attributes, file times and security
    • Creates and manages backup catalogs for powerful file finding capability when restoring
    • Automatic log file creation with adjustable detail level
    • Built-in data compression with controllable compression level
    • Backups are created in an improved, yet 100%-PKZip compatible file format, so if required, files can be recovered with any typical unzipping application.
    • Intelligent job scheduling that compensates for missed backups
    • Verify backed up data
    • Full wildcard support, flexible subfolder search, excluded file lists
    • Partial or full restore, to original or redirected locations
    • Comes with a "Recovery Wizard" app. that you can include with your program to help end-users restore files - so you don't have to write your own restore code.
    • 25+ intelligently designed events are triggered for complete application feedback and control. Use only those you need.
    • Use the ActiveX control programmatically or by dialog box property sheets
    • Multi-threaded, runs in the background
    • Supports physical label descriptions
    • Backup retention management
    • Light encryption using passwords
    • Recreate lost backup catalogs