• UniDirect .NET是一款数据发生器控件,它用于为Microsoft .NET Framework.建立针对不同类型的数据库的常规连接。它支持常规的主流的数据库服务类型,比如Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL和其他通过 OLE DB和ODBC的数据库.



    特征综述 About Feature


          UniDirect .NET is based on ADO.NET technology and can be used in the same way as the SQL Server .NET Data Provider. The main feature of UniDirect .NET is an access to multiple database servers at the same code. With UniDirect .NET it is possible to avoid writing conditional code for different providers or using ADO.NET interfaces directly. UniDirect .NET implements full support of design-time development and integration with IDE, which allows to reduce development time greatly.

      UniDirect .NET doesn't implement database specific access layer for all databases, it uses native ADO.NET providers and depends on their functionality. The Professional Edition of UniDirect .NET includes bundled data providers for Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL (see diagram below). For all other servers you need a native data provider.

      UniDirect .NET provides functionality for connecting to a database, executing commands, and retrieving results. These results can be processed directly or placed in an ADO.NET DataSet for further processing in disconnected state. While in the DataSet, data can be exposed to the user, combined with other data from multiple sources, or passed remotely between tiers. Any processing performed on the data in the DataSet can then be reconciled with the database.

      The following diagram illustrates UniDirect .NET architecture. The green area represents some of UniDirect .NET components. The lime area unites bundled providers in the Professional Edition. The rest of the diagram objects represent data access elements inside and outside of the .NET Framework.

    Following the main features of the UniDirect .NET Data Provider.

    • Universal access to data of different databases
    • Supports all major databases
    • Supports most of the popular ADO.NET providers
    • 100% managed code
    • High performance
    • Bundled data providers for Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL
    • UniSQL for writing server-independent queries
    • Provider-specific types infrastructure
    • Fill DataSet with several CURSOR for Oracle Database
    • Asynchronous execution support
    • DataSet Wizard to leverage design-time setup
    • Generate DataSet Wizard
    • Support for Data Access Application Block in Enterprise Library
    • ASP.NET data providers: Membership provider, Role provider, Session State provider, Profile provider
    • Easy to deploy
    • Base-Class-Based provider model
    • .NET Compact Framework support
    • Advanced connection pooling
    • UniScript component to execute scripts
    • Ability to retrieve metadata information
    • Ability of monitoring query and stored procedures execution
    • Advanced design-time editors
    • Easy migration from SQL Server, OLE DB, ODBC and Oracle Data Providers with Migration Wizard
    • Help integrated into Visual Studio .NET and Borland Delphi
    • Free support for registered users during 1 year
    • Licensed per a developer without royalty fee