• LMD IDE-Tools is collection of native VCL components which help you to set up a complete IDE environment in a quick and easy way. Extend your applications by providing your customers enhanced possibilities - either by custom scripts or even complete dialogs or additional forms.

    This package includes LMD DesignPack, LMD ScriptPack and LMD SyntaxEdit (check also product pages of these packages to learn all available features). Besides that LMD IDE-Tools adds an additional integration package which combines the abilities and features of the standalone packages and adds high level features like IDE services (component palette, IDE manager, synchronizing services), project manager tools (handling of different documents, project view), advanced designing features (alignment palette, support for component editors, object/component view) and so on. An example IDE project (supporting the script languages included in LMD ScriptPack) is shipped with the complete package which demonstrates how to set up a complete IDE project.



    特征综述 About Feature


    • Includes 22 controls for setting up a complete IDE like environment in a quick and easy way.
    • Includes LMD DesignPack. The design features are represented by object inspector like controls, extended form designers, diagram like objects, etc.
    • Includes LMD ScriptPack. Includes script control, script source management helpers and multi-module script debugger component.
    • Editor features are provided by the SyntaxEdit control which supports syntax highlighting, code folding and ultra fast text-handling.
    • The high level components of the IDE integration package provide solutions for common IDE like applications.
    • Examples are component palette, Delphi like object tree, project manager, support for component and property editors, helpers for design/code handling etc.
    • Full sourcecode of library included
    • Extensive demo projects with sourcecode
    • Free updates via Internet (Version 1.X)
    • A Site License covers unlimited number of developers in same organization at one location
    • Free technical support via newsgroup (news.lmdtools.com), e-mail, fax or mail
    • Also available as part of LMD VCL Complete