• Caliber Reporter is a comprehensive, customizable reporting application for the Borland® CaliberRM® requirements management solutions. Caliber Reporter provides an intuitive, wizard and options driven interface for users to select, design and generate electronic reports from Borland® CaliberRM®. As stakeholders across the organization play different roles and so have different needs from the project requirements data, Caliber Reporter provides various types of reports, in addition to user defined filtering, sorting and arrangement.



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    Why Gnostice Caliber Reporter?

    • Intuitive wizard driven interface enables you to create rich electronic reports of requirements data in minutes and you only need to know how to operate simple applications. No need to create complex MS Word templates to reporting.
    • Choose what you want to see in the reports with full control over selection of requirements, requirement sections and attributes, from selecting high level requirement types to specific inpidual requirements.
    • Filter reports for effective tracking and project management. Filter by user, priority, status, owner and many other criteria.
    • Extract requirements data in the file format you want to suit your different needs. Currently supported formats are PDF, HTML, Word RTF, Excel and more.
    • Email formatted electronic reports across the organization from the system and with no extra effort.
    • Generate pretty reports of project data to send to clients and other stakeholders by using the provided support for headers, footers, separator pages, graphics, watermarking, table formatting and more.