• Build Personal Information Management (PIM) applications. Solutions::PIM Professional delivers the tools Windows© Developers need for creative calendaring, appointment scheduling and personal information management applications. This collection of twelve (12) powerful ActiveX components is designed to work together using common properties and events for seamless integration by Windows© Developers into any application. Build appointment based applications that manage time as you see it.



    特征综述 About Feature


      DBI has packaged multiple calendar views into Solutions::PIM Professional 3.0 offering a variety of visual resentations, including the unique multi-column day view, a week view, a month view, a year view, a planner view, a scrolling Calendar, Contacts, and a date edit with a drop down calendar.

    Feature Components

      Multi-Column Day View Components: Every schedule is comprised of a series of appointments, and in order to keep track of daily appointments, Solutions::PIM Professional 3.0 includes the unique multi-column day/resource view, ctMDay.This control make it so easy to add an appointment. Simply click, drag and select an area within the control, and start typing. The appointment is automatically created when the first key is hit. The multiple columns can be set up for different days, or for different resources (i.e. employees). The ctMDay. control now allows for the time increment to be set for any value from 1 to 60, and not just for just the standard 5, 10, 15... minute increments. An ideal feature for golf courses, tee-time scheduling which requires a seven (7) minute interval.

      Calendar Components :Scheduling without a calendar is extremely difficult, and Solutions::PIM Professional 3.0 offers four great calendar presentations complete with full customization to make your appointment and resource scheduling development easier. First off, ctDate is a visual representation of a monthly calendar presenting one or more months at a time. Next in the gate is ctMonth, a more sophisticated calendar capable of containing text and images for each date. Up next is ctCalendar, a scrolling calendar capable of showing multiple weeks at a time. And then ctYear, a control capable of displaying an entire year in a single view!

      Contact Component :ctContact is an enhanced list control designed specifically for contact management. Capable of displaying a series of records in a card like format and allowing the user to edit the data within each item.

      List Component : The ctList control is an enhanced list view object. With its ability to host multiple columns, images and check boxes in any cell, and sub-text, it is the ideal control to help you display your to-do lists, tasks, and appointments.

      Masked Date/Edit Components : ctDEdit is a masked edit text box control supporting date/time entry and presentation. ctDropDate is a date entry control with a built in drop-down calendar.

      Week View Component : ctWeek is a planner object control allowing end-users to view one or more days worth of activities at a glance. It allows to use to view a general schedule over a long period of time.

      Alarm Component : ctAlarm is an invisible control that will fire an event (an alarm) at a given time. The controls can accept multiple alarms and alarms can be set up to be recurring.

      Wave Player Control : The ctWave control is a wave file player used to notify you when an alarm has gone off.

    Print Options

      Solutions::PIM Professional 3.0 makes it easy to create powerful appointment scheduling applications that end users crave. Build-in print functionality offers the developer instant reporting delivering on what end-users want the most. Many of the controls in Solutions::PIM are able to produce a printed report of their contents complete with a custom header. Controls supporting built-in print functionality: ctCalendar, ctList, ctMonth, ctMDay, and ctYear.

      Additionally, many of the controls in Solutions::PIM contain a PrintInWindow method. This event allows a snapshot of the control to be printed anywhere on a page. When the programmer uses his host language to obtain a valid printer handle, they can create their own custom report. After the handle has been obtained, the programmer can use the PrintInWindow method to place one or more of the controls anywhere on the page. This useful and powerful option allows the programmer to create detailed reports. The controls supporting PrintInWindow are: ctCalendar, ctDate, ctList, ctMonth, and ctMDay.

    General Features

      Fills & Styles: The visual components included in Solutions::PIM Professional 3.0 have been upgraded with new fill and styles presentation features as found in Windows XP and .NET.Sample Code: in Visual Basic 6.0, and Visual FoxPro 7.0.

      Internet Ready : All controls have been marked "Safe For Scripting" and "Safe for Download"