• Performance and Reliability with NetAdvantage for Windows Forms

    NetAdvantage for Windows Forms enables you to effortlessly revitalize your enterprise desktop applications and deliver exhilarating experiences to your end users. We have a solid history in working with Windows Forms, and continue to make strong investments in all of our Windows Forms controls to ensure you have the fastest, most reliable tools at your disposal. The latest version includes Touch/Gesture support to modernize and mobilize your WinForms applications.

    Touch Experience

    Get a handle on touch interactivity with support for Touch Metrics, Panning Gestures, and Multi-Gestures. Controls including Grid, Editor, List View, Tree, Tab, and more respond to touch in the 13.1 version of NetAdvantage for Windows Forms.

     Windows Forms Touch Experience  

     Windows Forms coded UI 

    Coded UI Support

    Coded UI Tests (CUITs) are automated tests that drive your application through its user interface, so you can discover bugs or regression in a simple, documentable way. Our developers have been asking for CUIT support, and they got it: Infragistics is pleased to announce that the latest version of NetAdvantage for Windows Forms includes support for CUITs, so you can verify that your application, including its user interface, is functioning properly.

    Same WinForms. New Attitude.

    With over 100 controls and components to choose from, NetAdvantage for Windows Forms offers you breadth and depth in bringing modern touches to your Line of Business desktop applications. Toolbars, charts, editors, grids, and more help you bring tried-and-tested applications to market in shorter periods of time.

     Windows Forms New Attitude  

     Windows Forms Intuitive 

    Intuitive Features and Functionality

    Easily build immersive and engaging UI that puts powerful capabilities at the tips of your users’ fingers. With upgrades to our document and sheet editing controls, we bring familiar functionality with the latest Windows and Office styles, without the need to install Office.

    Visual Studio 2012

    Our Windows Forms package is compatible with the latest Visual Studio release, so your projects can be carried seamlessly into the future. For example, our new Syntax Editor control mimics the code editing experience in Visual Studio.

     WinForms Visual Studio 2012 

     win overview4 12.2 

    Data Visualization Integration

    To best derive insight from your data, NetAdvantage for Windows Forms offers over 50 different types of charts - including bar, line, spline, bubble charts, and more. From identifying stock trends with the Candle Chart, to planning for success with the Gantt chart, find exactly what you need to give your users the analytical advantage in your line of business.

    Resources Beyond What You’ll Find in the Box

    Get a rapid response and immediate support when you need it – via phone, email, or by 24/7 chat. When you need to brainstorm, join our community of over 950,000 developers from the most popular software companies to the most data-demanding enterprises. You can also tap into our sample code, videos, and documentation to keep your project on - or ahead of - target.

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