• MailSuite Pro gives you the performance you can stay in control of.

    Seamlessly integrating all the components into a single bundle which is easy to install and configure with a friendly web admin panel, MailSuite Pro combines the power of established mail server components with the effortless deployment and maintenance.


    AfterLogic MailSuite Pro incorporates the industry-standard SMTP and POP3/IMAP servers built upon the most established e-mail technologies and protocols.


    AfterLogic MailSuite Pro includes a unique webmail component which allows your users to work with e-mail, contacts and calendars.

    Web administration

    Most of everyday tasks of administering AfterLogic MailSuite Pro and managing users can be done via an easy-to-use web administration module.

    Personal calendars and contacts

    AfterLogic MailSuite Pro lets users create personal calendars and contacts, configure reminders and perform typical tasks required by modern personal office environment.


    Support of TLS/SSL secure connections, integrated anti-virus protection and access control mechanisms reliably protecting your users and their data from network threats.