• Manage e-mail in your browser

    Install this snappy new webmail solution on your own network.

    AfterLogic WebMail Pro is a browser-based e-mail front end, designed to work with your existing messaging solutions. From an administrator's perspective, the application is easy to install on your own server, easy to integrate and easy to maintain.

    Works with your e-mail server

    • Linux: Exim, Postfix, Courier, Dovecot, Sendmail, Qmail and many others.
    • Windows: Microsoft Exchange, Windows POP3 Service, MailEnable, IceWarp, MDaemon, hMailServer, and many others.

    Intuitive and easy to use

    Simple yet powerful, with emphasis on speed and responsiveness. The interface provides user experience comparable to a desktop e-mail application.


    • Plug it into your environment with integration API
    • Supports LDAP address book access.

    Extensive international support

    Dozens of international languages are supported, including right-to-left Arabic and Hebrew.