• ArtfulBits KPI (Key Performance Indicator) column provides users with the ability to define and measure progress toward predefined goals and display current status by using easy-to-understand graphical indicators. Using of KPI provides with ability to visualize answers to the following questions: 

    KPI list view

    Components use Microsoft® SharePoint® KPI idea, but with reworked functionality. Unlike MOSS KPI, ArfulBits KPI could be added to any custom list as a column, can use both List View and List Item as data source and supports different indicator icons: flags, traffic lights, shapes, marks and other.

    Different indicator icons

    You can use traffic light icons to indicate that predefined satisfaction is exceeding, meeting, or failing to meet goals. If predefined satisfaction exceeds a preset goal, the KPI is displayed with a green traffic light icon. If customer satisfaction is failing to meet minimum goals, the customer's satisfaction KPI is displayed with a red traffic light icon. Otherwise, it is displayed with a yellow traffic light icon.

    Feature List

    Ability to associate indicator value with item column values    
    Ability to associate indicator value with data in SharePoint lists    
    Ability to specify indicator sources and calculation types while adding new items to list    
    Supports value calculation, such as sum, minimum, maximum, average value, and evaluation of column value of first or last item from subset    
    Supports tracking of total number of items in the specified list view and percentage of total number of items in one list view to another    
    Ability to set Goal and Warning values as fixed values as well as values from other columns in list    
    Column customization (multiple icons set; text customization; different column display modes)    
    AJAX support enabled    
    Language pack support (desired localization could be added by request)