• IP*Works! S/MIME Android OS Edition
    Pure Java Beans optimized for Android OS provide blazing connectivity for Mobile (phone/tablet) application development.

    IP*Works! S/MIME (SMIME) Features:

    • Supports up to 128-bit (strong) encryption and Digital Signatures for Email and Document security
    • The components are fully documented, with easy to use, fully indexed help files integrated in the IDE
    • The components are very easy to use, with a uniform, intuitive, and extensible design
    • Fast, robust, and reliable, the components consume a minimum of resources
    • An excellent track record, maintained, supported and enhanced by a professional staff
    • All the components use asynchronous sockets. This allows you to create very efficient and highly responsive applications
    • The components are small in size, and have no dependencies on external libraries, which makes them very easy to download, install, and/or ship

    IP*Works! S/MIME (SMIME) Components:

    • CertMgr - Provides certificate management capabilities for the Digital Certificates installed on the system. SNNTP - S/MIME enabled NNTP client for reading, searching, and posting messages to Internet Newsgroups (USENET)
    • SIMAP - S/MIME enabled IMAP client component providing easy access to corporate mail server such as Microsoft Exchange. SSMTP - Used to send S/MIME encrypted and/or signed email messages through standard mail servers (SMTP)
    • SMIME - Encrypt files, emails, and even newsgroup postings as well as sign and verify message signatures using X.509 digital certificates (S/MIME V2 PKCS)