• What’s new in IP*Works! EDI V8.0? - IP*Works! EDI has been updated with the new core features included in the IP*Works! V8 base, including native streams, collections, 64-bit support, IPv6 addressing, etc.  In addition, the Version 8.0 components have been enhanced with support a full range of security features, including S/MIME signing and encryption, SSL, compression, and verification using PKCS certificates and MDN receipts.  New SSL specific features such as NTLM Authentication and optional connection reuse have also been included across applicable components. All major protocols for secure EDI-INT are supported including AS1, AS2, AS3, OFTP, FTPS, RNIF 2.0, and NAESB/GISB.

    New Components and Updates to Existing Components

    • Odette File Transfer (OFTP) - Odette File Transfer client integration (v1.1 - 1.4).
    • FTPS - Transfer files to and from FTP/S servers.  Supports SSL, Digital Certificates, and advanced proxy/firewall settings.
    • NAESB / GISB Components - Support for North American Energy Standards communications (EDM) protocol.

    Certification and Interoperability - IP*Works! EDI AS2 V8 Engine has successfully achieved the latest eBusinessReadyTM / Drummond Group certification for AS2 interoperability. The IP*Works! EDI AS2 components have undergone rigorous compliance testing and QA, demonstrating successful interoperability with all other DGI (UCC) AS2 certified products.


    Pure JavaBeans for Internet Programming. The very same components as in other editions of IP*Works!, translated in Pure Java for extreme portability across platforms.

    • Pure Java Beans
    • Includes and extensive library of pure Java demo applications
    • J2EE version is optimized for server side development
    • Seamless integration with popular development environments including Borland JBuilder and Eclipse