• ASI Interface application area covers multiple purpose cable networks that offer digital video and audio signal broadcasting. Multiplexed digital stream MPEG-2 TS is fully compliant with ISO/IEC 13818-1:system standard requirements and can be used for data transferring via ASI. The interface is generally exploited for hardware connection of digital broadcasting head ends as well as for receiving, processing and distribution of video and audio signals.


    • DVB stream receivers
    • Control and measuring equipment
    • DVB stream commutators

    Product highlights

    • Ideal for small-size IP Cores
    • One month of technical support
    • Can run on low-cost FPGA devices
    • Fully compatible with EN50083-9:1998 standard
    • Can be tested on Elecard HDAccess 2 capture card
    • Both NetList (EDIF) and VHDL source code are available for purchase and licensing