• Studio Controls for .NET
    Studio Controls Appointment and Calendar SchedulingOptimize the time from idea to solution. Integrating standards based component software in to project development is critical for business success.

    Studio Controls for .NET provides enterprise developers with a complete set of Windows design and presentation software components geared specifically for Scheduling.  18 royalty-free .NET Windows Forms controls for Outlook style scheduling to snap-in Windows application design, presentation and for intuitive functionality.
    Appointment Scheduling:DBI's Scheduling component software has become the standard by which others are measured. Don't settle for less. Get the the number one appointment scheduling controls found in Studio Controls for .NET!

    Appointment scheduling is a pivotal and success driven activity. Create scheduling systems with as many inpidual personalities as end-user and design requirements demand
    dbiCalendar w/Zune style - Studio Controls for .NET v1.2Calendars: Time is a sensitive issue and using the right calendar components can mean the difference of delivering on time. Create your own style and calendar presentations .
    General Presentation:   Add Flexibility and dashboard features to your favorite IDE with the great presentation tools of Studio Controls for .NET.  DBI's UI design and presentation dbiMeter - Studio Controls for .NETcontrols allow for custom branding, interface design and ease of implementation, saving countless hours ofdbiSlider -  Studio Controls for .NET programming.
    dbiList / Tree View  -  Studio Controls for .NETList / Tree & Grid: At the heart of Power is Performance and Functionality. When crafting an application, data loading and presentation are timing issues where latency is not usually an option. Proven time and time again, DBI's dbiList / Tree View Contact Report  -  Studio Controls for .NETprimary data management controls out-perform and provide results beyond expectations.
    Navigation:   Extend the Windows interface standards quickly and effortlessly using DBI's navigation and UI design controls for great presentations and user navigation.

    Data Edit/Input:  Inputting and editing data is eventually what application development is all about. Add effective user interfaces.
    Foundations  -  are supporting structures that give strength, continuity and collaboration to the presentations they support.

    DBI's underlying foundation layer gives single point support for common visual presentations and data structures for each instance of the dbiCalendar, dbiDayView and dbiMonth controls included in Studio Controls for .NET.

    Connect your scheduling data to DBI's underlying data manager (dbiPIM.dll) and maintain communication with each instance of the controls with a simple reference.