• Protection! - is a powerful multi-platform licensing toolkit that provides the ability to add licensing into custom applications or components only allowing the permitted use according to the supplied license. Protection! uses high encryption technology and provides easy integration for software developers even for cross platform products while being non-invasive for end users. Protection! Licensing Toolkit offers a versatile solution for any licensing model.

    Protection! allows software vendors, publishers and developers to:

    • Add licensing to Web, Enterprise, Server and Desktop applications.
    • Provide users with the trial versions of their products.
    • Significantly minimize or completely reduce unauthorized use of their applications and therefore dramatically increase company revenue.
    • Increase revenue streams by implementing various licensing models while maintaining single code base and therefore offering higher flexibility to their customers.
    • Track license usage and manage their customer base.

     Protection! BenefitsProtection! Benefits

    With the help of Protection! Licensing Toolkit software publishers and developers are able to:


    • Easily and economically increase scalability of their applications.
    • Have full control over all aspects of licensing and tracking.
    • Enable additional revenue generation models.
    • Quickly and easily adapt Protection! to any business model.
    • Implement robust licensing features into their applications while providing an easy and non-invasive environment to their end users.
    • Solve today's complex licensing challenges.
    • Prevent users' ability to make either unintentional or unauthorized copies.
    • Free development resource to work on the core functionality that makes their application great.