• Resco MobileBusiness ESP


    ·                     Prototype of Field Sales/Field Service mobile application

    ·                     Suitable for CRM/ERP integrators

    ·                     Powered by Resco MobileForms Toolkit

    ·                     C# Source Code included

    Modern UI

    ·                     The mobile application fulfills all the modern UI trends of the current mobile technology

    ·                     Nice looking graphic design makes the application attractive

    ·                     Finger-Touch Control provides easy and intuitive handling

    ·                     Special performance optimizations consider slow processor of mobile devices

    Pocket Outlook Integration

    ·                     Pocket Outlook data such as Contacts and Calendar are integrated into the application’s UI

    ·                     The application gives transparent overview of both, business as well as private activities

    ·                     No need to switch between two or more applications


    ·                     The solution is provided as the Microsoft Visual Studio project, so it is fully customizable and can be branded based on customer needs

    ·                     Well commented C# Source Code included

    ·                     Programming reference included

    ·                     Possible customization collaboration

    Back-Office Integration

    ·                     The mobile application uses Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition local database

    ·                     Back-office integration can be implemented in several ways:

    o                                  Web Service

    o                                  Microsoft SQL Server Merge Replication

    o                                  Microsoft Sync Framework

    o                                  3rd party’s sync providers